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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Sup-REAM Court

The Supreme Court, or at least those black-robbed ninnies on the leftist side, might as well rename themselves the Sup-REAM Court after the reaming they gave America and the Administration on the Gitmo trial process. I don't know whether those five liberal bastards are on the payroll of the New York Times or al-Qaeda itself, but they are doing everything in their power to destroy us.

The Court found that Bush cannot on his own order military trials for those evil head-cutting sons of bitches now contained at Gitmo, but that they must be afforded all the same constitutional safeguards as the rest of us--never mind that these folks were captured on foreign battlefields and haven't set foot on American soil. I suppose the idea is to give them trials in US federal court and call in soldiers from the battlefield to testify against them. What are these ignorant motherfuckers drinking?

More scary, SCOTUS ruled that the Geneva Convention applies to these maniacs. Never mind that they are members of no recognized military organization or signatory, wear no uniforms, target civilians and in no way fit the definition of a standard army which is bound by rules, however much those rules may be ignored or bent.

The good news to all this is that the idiots didn't order all the murdering bastards released. And too, apparently Congress can pass legislation to empower the president to order military trials; I'd be willing to bet the ACLU or some so-called "human rights organization" (you know, the ones who raised such a fuss when our two soldiers were recently slaughtered) will challenge any such law passed, however. These fuckers want Bush to fail and if it takes anything detrimental to America to do it that's OK, too.

And wouldn't you know that most Democrats are applauding the Court's misguided action. The Court has upheld the rights of these poor, unfortunate murdering sons of bitches. Oh, the terrorists knew their money was being tracked anyway, one old Democrat congressional bag said.

Sure they did, but they didn't know the methodology, the exact way it was tracked. Now they do and no doubt they will find ways to get around it.


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