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Sunday, June 18, 2006

NYT promotes anything anti-God, America

The New York Times has a habit of doing long pieces on bullshit that doesn't serve American interests particularly well, especially when it comes to promoting the cult of Islam. It's amazing that they seem to despise the idea of a Christian God so much, and yet find so much to promote in Allah, the distorted concept of a Creator espoused by Muslims.

Calling the clerics and devotees depicted in this piece "moderates" doesn't mean much, when they don't choose to condemn the terrorists who they claim distort the words of their so-called holy book. However, they can find it in their hearts to make moral equals of collateral civilians deaths caused by American military actions and the kidnappings and murders performed by terrorists of their religion, although the one is merely an unfortunate accident and the other a planned and malignant scheme carried out by madmen.

What the NYT is doing is helping Islam recruit more people for their malignant religion, which is especially appealing to blacks, as many of them feel like outsiders to begin with. They hate the American system and are ready to throw in with anyone who hates it equally and wishes to see it destroyed.

Sadly, our government does little more than appease those who wish us all dead, on these shores at least. People are eventually going to have to get off this politically correct horse and take back control of our destiny before we reach a point where that is no longer possible.


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