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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A new "Abu" to kill

The asshole at left is Abu Ayyub al-Masri, new replacement head-cutter for the recently deceased Zarkman. He looks like the kind of punk someone would pick on in gym class, although reportedly this picture is several years old.

Hopefully, our troops will be able to locate, and terminate, this prick before too long. The coalition has terrorists in Iraq on the run now, with all the raids and successes arising from the location and dispatch of Z-man, which led to the discovery of a cache of useful documents. They should keep the pressure on full steam, despite calls from Democrats to begin thinking about a withdrawal in the face of our recent successes and the establishment of a government.

Indeed, running now is the last thing we need to do. What we need are more troops to clean this situation up quickly, to stomp them into the dust while they are in disarray and reeling. I don't expect the administration to send more troops, however, not with elections coming up in November; it's a shame politics plays such a role in our military ventures, but it's a fact of life.


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