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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The media is stuck on stupid

President Bush pulled a surprise trip to Iraq yesterday to greet new Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki face to face. We've also learned that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has determined he doesn't have any reason to indict Karl Rove in connection with the Plame CIA leak. Add to that the recent justice administered to Zarqawi, and it has been a good past week for Bush.

So what does the press concentrate on during Bush's news conference today? Hell, they're still stuck on Abu Ghraib, the prison scandal from a couple years ago. You know, the one wherein those who put panties over some asshole's head or threatened the head-cutters with dogs have been tried by the military and put in jail.

The media also concentrated on Guantanamo and those poor victims of incarceration there, the ones who should be tried or turned loose--you know, like we tried all those soldiers taken prisoner during WW2. I don't know why we don't just turn them loose and give them their firearms and blades back; at least that would give us good justification to kill them in self-defense, because surely the first thing most would try to do is murder their liberators.

Idiots, fucking idiots! Period. They cannot find one silver lining for all the clouds, at least not if it involves GWB or the military or the real state of things in Iraq. The sad truth is, they hate Bush, the man who is trying to protect them, more than they hate the people who are trying to kill them.

It makes no sense at all, but I suppose hatred from that particular element of the Left is not supposed to make sense. Nothing else about that point of view does.


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