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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Explain this

If we listen to the MSM, a majority of Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq. Why is it then that the Army has again, and for the 12 consecutive month, met its recruiting goals?

I suppose one explanation could be that the media is distorting the polls and lying to us. That's obviously a safe assumption—remember all those exit polls during the last election? The results were doctored in an attempt to influence people who hadn't voted yet. It didn't work anymore than most of their other attempts to snow the public.

Let's face the facts: both major political parties today leave a lot to be desired. But in my estimation, Democrats (and especially that rabid left-wing variety that has seized control of the party) leave more to be desired than do Republicans. The Dems want to make the November elections about the "culture of corruption," but their own corruption has stifled that opportunity. (Maybe they should make William Jefferson Speaker of the House if they take control in November, and if he isn't in prison by then.) They believed they would use the corruption angle to wrest away corrupt Republican Duke Cunningham's seat in Southern California, after old Duke got 8 years in Slam City for more bribery than you can shake a big stick at.

They lost that opportunity, because they didn't understand that in that particular area just north of the Mexican border, illegal immigration is the real issue. It's wetbacks, stupid! But they don't have tenable positions on immigration or the war or practically anything else, so it's hard for them to make a good argument for their case, or at least an argument that is going to place them in the winning column with a majority of Americans.

What the Democrats do have a lot of are people like Murtha and Pelosi, Dean and Kerry and a host of others who destroy their chances every time they open their mouths. These people very frequently speak to the constituents that elect them time and again, but they never seem to realize that the enclaves of rabid leftist who vote for them don't exceed by far the limits of their jurisdictions. They wind up preaching to the choir and the rest of the congregation gets up and beats big feet for more sensible climes. And, screwed up as they sometimes are, Republicans represent that destination at the moment.

Make no mistake about it—I'm a big George W. Bush fan. I think at this particular moment in history he is perhaps the only man for the job. He's smarter than most of the people who call him dumb, he's got more real heart than all those bogus bleeding hearts who whine for the well-being of terrorists and head-cutters, and he has the balls to do what is necessary regardless of a media that have decided to destroy him at each and every opportunity. And he takes all that in good stride in a way few of us could—hell, if I were the president with all that clandestine resources at my disposal, many of those rabid, psycho critics would doubtless be "disappeared" in the night, never to be seen again.

Of course, the media view Bush as arrogant because he doesn't kiss their asses like they have become accustomed to expect. He doesn't care about their phony polls because he realizes that they are simply out to get him and he knows most Americans realize that too. He's not perfect by a long shot, but he's the best we could hope for at this time when our nation is under threat by devotees of a mindless religion whose stated goal is to convert, or destroy, everybody in the world.

Read the Koran, I didn't make that up. You become Muslim or you die, period. That's it.


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