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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fuck the courts

The more I think about it, I believe President Bush should simply defy the Supreme Court in the Gitmo trials matter. The very notion that terrorists captured on the battlefield should have the same constitutional rights as American citizens is appalling. And to bring the rights afforded by the Geneva Convention into it is total insanity.

We're losing control of this country to the judicial branch of government. People want something, legislation is passed and then the courts warp their understanding of the constitution to deny it. They have become the primary lawmakers in this nation and that was never meant to be. Courts, at all levels, overstep their authority and allow personal biases to interfere with their decisions.

Lincoln defied the Court during the Civil War, the only case I'm aware of when such has happened. He suspended the right of habeas corpus because he believed it was essential to the survival of the nation. (He also jailed a number of dissidents and shut down some newspapers. Can you imagine what would happen if Bush went to that length?)

The problem today is so many people don't seem to understand that we're at war, simply because were aren't engaged in a fight with traditional soldiers who wear uniforms and fight under a specific flag. But believe me, the enemy we face today is far more ruthless than any we have faced in the past, including Hitler.

Bush won't defy the Court, however. He's too amiable to all these assholes trying to do him in constantly. Hell, he even invited the NYT and LA Times to a dinner at the White House recently, after they revealed all that classified information.

Maybe the idea was to poison the bastards. That's the only way I would have invited them.


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