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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Giving in to the maniacs

Rummy was thrown to the wolves today, which doesn’t reflect that well on George W. Bush, in my opinion. I’ve always been a big Bush supporter and admirer, but I’m beginning to wonder if my loyalty hasn’t been misplaced.

Make no mistake about it--Rumsfeld was sacrificed to appease Prune Pelosi and the leftist guard that is now in control. And I doubt the sacrifices will stop there, because once those liberal sharks have tasted blood, they become like great whites with insatiable appetites.

I can understand that the left would have a hard time working with Bush with Rumsfeld still in charge of the war. But truth is, they’re going to have a hard time working with him under any condition, unless he bends to meet their every desire. I don’t believe he will do that, but then I might be surprised.

There is one thing we can take away from the elections--Republicans got just what they have asked for. They haven’t done shit in some time and have spent more money than drunken sailors. The chickens had to come home to roost at some point and they did.

Another good thing. A lot of these newly elected Democrats are either conservative or have branded themselves as such. They’re not apt to go totally along with the radical element led by people like Pelosi.

Another good thing. After two years of these yahoo assholes, people will be more than ready to get back to something sensible.

Only problem is, can we survive two years with these anti-war bungholes in power? Maybe, maybe not.

At least Republicans who lost aren't whining about "crooked elections" and demanding recounts. That shows which party is about the facts and truth.


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