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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sly as a fox? Maybe not...

Let me say at the outset that Parkinson’s disease is a nasty thing and one can only have sympathy for anyone who has it. That said, I think it’s despicable for anyone to exploit the condition as Michael J. Fox recently did in a political ad supporting embryonic stem cell research.

Fox, who acknowledged in a book that he had foregone his anti-palsy medication before a Congressional appearance to enhance the symptoms of his disease, actually lied during the political ad. He said that Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) had tried to make stem cell research illegal. Fact is, stem cell research is legal everywhere and is being done everywhere, the conflict arises as to whether or not the government will contribute funding for research using embryos, which currently it does not.

Some on the left are shocked that Fox has been attacked for his actions in making this ad and, obviously, trying to elicit sympathy. And too, there are some who are incensed that he has misrepresented things and has, in effect, given false hope to those with a number of physical conditions that might (might is the key word) be helped by such research somewhere far down the road. To date, stem cell research hasn’t accomplished a cure for anything and some involved doubt it ever will.

Fox, debilitated or not, is fair game when he plays activist and interjects himself into a partisan debate as he has. I don’t believe he was "acting" as Rush Limbaugh suggested (Fox isn’t that good of an actor in anything I’ve seen him in), but I do suspect he had skipped his medicine in order to worsen his appearance during the commercial.

The denizens of Hollywood seem to be slow learners. Most Americans aren’t all that impressed when these holier-than-thou assholes proclaim this or that as the gospel truth. In fact, they have a piss poor record of affecting anything in a way that is positive for the lefties.

Thankfully, they haven’t seemed to notice that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Michael Fox just can't seem to find a decent platform and made a big mistake when he tried the Dems on for size. In the past, he's been so dismayed, and rightfully so, that he couldn't get an in with his peers because they were so wrapped up in AIDS, a preventable disorder. I don't think forgoing his meds enhances his condition, it more likely reveals it rather than masking it, and it is a terrible condition. But the fact remains that he's better sell the whole country, not the dim-wits, cause they don't have time for him any further than he benefits THEIR cause, and theri cause is not him or Parkinson's Disease.

11:58 AM  

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