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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Woe is we

I have never been much of a fan of John McCain and, after seeing him on the dwarf, Stephanopoulos’ show this morning, I’m even less of a fan.

McCain is a mealy-mouthed fence sitter. He tries to fudge his positions to include everyone under his umbrella of concern. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but government shouldn’t discriminate against anyone; he didn’t believe in the tax cuts, but he would continue them now; we’re losing the war in Iraq and it would be immoral to keep sending more people to a losing effort, but we can’t cut and run; he’s for abortion in case of rape, incest or life of the mother, but doesn’t see a constitutional amendment that will make that a reality.

The guy is simply a mass of contradictions, apparently designed to appeal to everyone, no matter what place they occupy in the political spectrum. That attempt is so patently phony that he will appeal to almost no one in the final analysis, even if he manages to get the Republican nomination.

I wouldn’t vote for him even if Hillary Clinton was an alternative; certainly I wouldn’t vote for her either, I’d have to sit out the election. And Rudy Giuliani, another alleged Republican being touted for president, is another I wouldn’t support, mainly because he’s an anti Second Amendment RINO; McCain, I might note, is not a firm supporter of the right to bear firearms himself. I’m very skeptical of military officers who are somehow fearful of law abiding citizens possessions weapons. Colin Powell was another of that ilk, one reason I’m glad to see him out of the current political circus.

Let’s face the facts--Republicans are fucked in 2008. Either one of those dudes might beat Clinton in 2008, but that wouldn’t be especially good news for us. And if by some miracle she becomes the first female president, that won’t be good news either.

The only hope for 2008 is that Republicans can win back at least one house and keep the idiots in the executive and the other in line. After two years of Democrat bullshit of the kind we’ve seen in the few days since the recent election, that may not be beyond the pale.

Nancy "Prune" Pelosi seems certain to fuck up at every turn, as she did with her futile effort to support John "Mush Brain" Murtha for speaker and her apparent intent to push Jane Harmon aside on the Intelligence Committee in favor of Alcee "Show Me De Money" Hastings, a former federal judge impeached for taking bribes.

So much for countering the "culture of corruption" as promised, but then Hasting is black and has the black caucus pushing his sorry ass for all it’s worth, so no doubt it’s a fait accompli.

No, Virginia, that’s not racism. That’s reality.


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