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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Woe is we

I have never been much of a fan of John McCain and, after seeing him on the dwarf, Stephanopoulos’ show this morning, I’m even less of a fan.

McCain is a mealy-mouthed fence sitter. He tries to fudge his positions to include everyone under his umbrella of concern. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but government shouldn’t discriminate against anyone; he didn’t believe in the tax cuts, but he would continue them now; we’re losing the war in Iraq and it would be immoral to keep sending more people to a losing effort, but we can’t cut and run; he’s for abortion in case of rape, incest or life of the mother, but doesn’t see a constitutional amendment that will make that a reality.

The guy is simply a mass of contradictions, apparently designed to appeal to everyone, no matter what place they occupy in the political spectrum. That attempt is so patently phony that he will appeal to almost no one in the final analysis, even if he manages to get the Republican nomination.

I wouldn’t vote for him even if Hillary Clinton was an alternative; certainly I wouldn’t vote for her either, I’d have to sit out the election. And Rudy Giuliani, another alleged Republican being touted for president, is another I wouldn’t support, mainly because he’s an anti Second Amendment RINO; McCain, I might note, is not a firm supporter of the right to bear firearms himself. I’m very skeptical of military officers who are somehow fearful of law abiding citizens possessions weapons. Colin Powell was another of that ilk, one reason I’m glad to see him out of the current political circus.

Let’s face the facts--Republicans are fucked in 2008. Either one of those dudes might beat Clinton in 2008, but that wouldn’t be especially good news for us. And if by some miracle she becomes the first female president, that won’t be good news either.

The only hope for 2008 is that Republicans can win back at least one house and keep the idiots in the executive and the other in line. After two years of Democrat bullshit of the kind we’ve seen in the few days since the recent election, that may not be beyond the pale.

Nancy "Prune" Pelosi seems certain to fuck up at every turn, as she did with her futile effort to support John "Mush Brain" Murtha for speaker and her apparent intent to push Jane Harmon aside on the Intelligence Committee in favor of Alcee "Show Me De Money" Hastings, a former federal judge impeached for taking bribes.

So much for countering the "culture of corruption" as promised, but then Hasting is black and has the black caucus pushing his sorry ass for all it’s worth, so no doubt it’s a fait accompli.

No, Virginia, that’s not racism. That’s reality.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not enough of a bad thing

As bad as 9-11 was, the worst thing about it may be that it wasn’t bad enough.

Certainly that’s an odd statement, but one that I believe is true. I say that because, here five years after the fact, most people seem to have forgotten about its impact at the time. That’s apparent because the majority of Americans either don’t believe we’re in a real war, or in case they do, think we should get out of it as quickly as possible. The truth of those statements is made evident by the results of the recent elections.

It will probably take something extremely drastic to put many Americans in the mental mood for the war they face, whether or not they realize there is an ongoing conflict that won’t end simply because they refuse to accept its existence. Perhaps 3,000 dead Americans don’t mean much to some folks so long after the fact--unless those Americans died on a battlefield, and then every one counts a hundred fold.

Those who seek to disengage from Iraq and bring the troops home apparently don’t realize that such action will not save America lives, but will, in the long run, cost more American lives. Withdrawal will embolden an enemy that cannot defeat us but for us defeating ourselves. By words and deeds, the Left in America has given the enemy reason to hang on just a little longer; by questioning the honesty of the war, by maligning our troops and their actions, by looking for misdeeds in everything the Bush administration has done.

I suppose the refusal by some to understand the dangers we face comes from the fact that we are in a war unlike any every confronted before by America. Certainly, comparisons to Vietnam are bound to rise because, there too, we fought an enemy in a situation where friend and foe were many times indistinguishable. As many on the Left point out, we fled in the face of that war, left the ground running (flying in helicopters actually at the end) and America still survived.

True, but there are differences. The Viet Cong or North Vietnamese weren’t about to come to America to kill us after we left. They were not fanatics in the sense the current Islamofacists we face are fanatics. They had no real desire to crush our culture or enslave us to a particular religion or philosophy. They just wanted us the hell out of their country, which is, upon reflection, a reasonable position.
Of course, we could have defeated North Vietnam in two days--hell, we could have defeated it in 30 minutes if we’d had the stomach to blow it into oblivion. That we didn’t is probably fortunate, because at that time there was still a strong Soviet Union with its military might and a nuclear capacity of mutually-assured destruction, not to mention dark China lurking in the wings, not yet as capable as today but dangerous nonetheless.

Moreover, that misguided effort to control the political flow in Southeast Asia resulted in the formation of a counterculture that has transmogrified into the clown show of extreme liberalism we are experiencing today. God knows, in my mid-twenties at the time, I became a part of that circus, with my beard and long hair, dope and Trotskyite proclamations. (I was not aware at the time of Churchill’s dictum, which loosely goes "A man who is not a liberal at twenty has no heart; a man who is not a conservative at forty has no mind.")

Perhaps we will have to suffer a monstrous attack before the reality finally sinks in and those who are now confused come to face reality. It’s great to talk about "peace and love" and how we should "negotiate" instead of go to war. But negotiating, like tangoing, takes a least two. You can’t negotiate with people who want nothing more than to see you dead, period.

Sure, the war has been mishandled. The enemy should have been crushed by a force so overwhelming that victory could not be denied. All the politically correct bullshit preferred should have been set aside; if the enemy fired on our troops from cover of mosques, those mosques should have been reduced to rubble. All the rabble and trash in this country who support the enemy by word or deed should be rounded up, charged with treason, and executed forthwith.

I can hear the whining leftist after terrorists manage to touch off a nuclear device in the middle of one of our populated areas and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans--somebody should have done something, somebody should have protected our sorry asses. All the useful idiots will be whimpering then, unable to do anything because of their impotent pacifism and expecting the government to pull their slimy fat out of the fire.

Fuck them. And fuck you if you’re number among this mentality, as I know many of you are. I hope when the big blast comes, it kills you and your family first. No. I hope it doesn’t kill you, because I want you around to suffer, to see what your fucking ignorance has wrought. I want you to whimper about peace when some Islamofacist bastard is taking your head off right under your chin.

Maybe, in your atheist hell, you’ll all gather and talk about "peace and love." I hope you have fun with your big circle-jerk.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's nice to have honest people in control

The link says it all.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The worm starts to turn already

Here it is three days after the election and the Dims haven't even taken control yet, and yet some of these libertarians are beginning to second guess their yearning for the lefties to take charge. I think it's funny as hell, and baby, it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fucking things up totally.

We've heard a lot of bullshit about "culture of corruption" tied to Republicans in Washington, but Prunie Pelosi & Company will set new records for that--even the idea that an impeached former judge, now congressman, might chair an important committee is enough to let you know what's about to go down.

And what are people using for brains, shit? I keep hearing all this talk about Barack Obama for president in 2008. This guy has two years in the senate and already he's an expert on running this nation? I don't think so.

Let's face it: he's getting this talk simply because he's black and can put two sentences together without sounding as nuts as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

This damned country is going to hell in a hand basket, and I suppose the best way to view it is the sooner the better. The people in charge now, or soon to be, don't give a rat's ass about fighting an enemy that has sworn to destroy us, all they can think about is raising taxes and regulating something.

That old fossil idiot, George McGovern, has even been dragged out of the trash heap of history to present his plan for disengagement in Iraq, which is simply turn tail and run and let the terrorists know what cowards we have become. And this on a day when al-Qaeda in Iraq released an announcement that they won't rest "until the White House is blown up."

And Iran views the election results as a win for that nation. What does that tell you?

Maybe, with this kind of thinking, we deserve to be defeated. Somebody said we get the kind of government we deserve. If that's true, it only goes to show the depths to which we have sunk as a nation and a society.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Giving in to the maniacs

Rummy was thrown to the wolves today, which doesn’t reflect that well on George W. Bush, in my opinion. I’ve always been a big Bush supporter and admirer, but I’m beginning to wonder if my loyalty hasn’t been misplaced.

Make no mistake about it--Rumsfeld was sacrificed to appease Prune Pelosi and the leftist guard that is now in control. And I doubt the sacrifices will stop there, because once those liberal sharks have tasted blood, they become like great whites with insatiable appetites.

I can understand that the left would have a hard time working with Bush with Rumsfeld still in charge of the war. But truth is, they’re going to have a hard time working with him under any condition, unless he bends to meet their every desire. I don’t believe he will do that, but then I might be surprised.

There is one thing we can take away from the elections--Republicans got just what they have asked for. They haven’t done shit in some time and have spent more money than drunken sailors. The chickens had to come home to roost at some point and they did.

Another good thing. A lot of these newly elected Democrats are either conservative or have branded themselves as such. They’re not apt to go totally along with the radical element led by people like Pelosi.

Another good thing. After two years of these yahoo assholes, people will be more than ready to get back to something sensible.

Only problem is, can we survive two years with these anti-war bungholes in power? Maybe, maybe not.

At least Republicans who lost aren't whining about "crooked elections" and demanding recounts. That shows which party is about the facts and truth.

Friday, November 03, 2006

OK, so the British are stupid

I just didn't know how stupid.

Actually, I don't think the majority of British people are that dumb. But their sorry ass media is over the top in more ways than on can count. Most of these rags, and the BBC, would love to see America destroyed. I suppose that happens with weak ass nations which continually need help to keep their fat out of the fire.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yeah, but only because Kerry wasn't elected

"Let me think carefully about this," Dean said in a political riff reminiscent of his days as governor. "I think George Bush is the most incompetent president we've had in our lifetime. I mean, nobody would accuse President Nixon of being incompetent."

Or Dean.

A different racial angle

If Barack Obama makes it all the way to becoming the Democratic nominee for President in 2008, a feat he says he may attempt, a much more complex understanding of the difference between color and ethnic identity will be upon us for the very first time.

Stanley Crouch has some unique thoughts on race and politics.