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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is this an "October suprise?"

Network news coverage has favored Democratic candidates in the midterm election, and the page scandal involving former congressman Mark Foley has been the main story line, drawing almost as much coverage as Iraq and terrorism combined, a new study finds.

Nope, don't think there's any surprised here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Something to ponder

I certainly don't want to speak ill of someone who gave his life in the service of his nation, but the article linked above gives rise to some questions. It states the captain joined the Corps at the age of 17 and was killed in Iraq at the age of 33, this year. I'm wondering how this man managed to serve 16 years and attained a rank no higher than captain, which would amount to two promotions over all those years.

Certainly, Newsweek and MSNBC fell in love with the story because of the obvious anti-Bush administration slant. I suppose it's reasonable they would use anything with that slant irrespective of any other questions that might arise--much like the media have milked the Michael J. Fox thing, even though now Fox has admitted he hadn't read the Missouri law and, consequently, didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is this what America wants?

Liberals can't win with ideas because they have none, thus they resort to this kind of underhanded bullshit. Are these kinds of thugs what you want running your nation? I don't think so.

Ah, so enlightened

This is a good example of part of what's wrong in the Muslim world. What idiots.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sly as a fox? Maybe not...

Let me say at the outset that Parkinson’s disease is a nasty thing and one can only have sympathy for anyone who has it. That said, I think it’s despicable for anyone to exploit the condition as Michael J. Fox recently did in a political ad supporting embryonic stem cell research.

Fox, who acknowledged in a book that he had foregone his anti-palsy medication before a Congressional appearance to enhance the symptoms of his disease, actually lied during the political ad. He said that Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) had tried to make stem cell research illegal. Fact is, stem cell research is legal everywhere and is being done everywhere, the conflict arises as to whether or not the government will contribute funding for research using embryos, which currently it does not.

Some on the left are shocked that Fox has been attacked for his actions in making this ad and, obviously, trying to elicit sympathy. And too, there are some who are incensed that he has misrepresented things and has, in effect, given false hope to those with a number of physical conditions that might (might is the key word) be helped by such research somewhere far down the road. To date, stem cell research hasn’t accomplished a cure for anything and some involved doubt it ever will.

Fox, debilitated or not, is fair game when he plays activist and interjects himself into a partisan debate as he has. I don’t believe he was "acting" as Rush Limbaugh suggested (Fox isn’t that good of an actor in anything I’ve seen him in), but I do suspect he had skipped his medicine in order to worsen his appearance during the commercial.

The denizens of Hollywood seem to be slow learners. Most Americans aren’t all that impressed when these holier-than-thou assholes proclaim this or that as the gospel truth. In fact, they have a piss poor record of affecting anything in a way that is positive for the lefties.

Thankfully, they haven’t seemed to notice that.

Insurgents attempt to sway elections

It shouldn't come as any surprise that insurgents in Iraq have stepped up their attacks on Americans during the month of October. They know they have the America media in their pocket and they're trying to influence the upcoming elections in order to promote Democrats and liberals, most of whom would cut and run at the first opportunity. I don't believe Democrats are going to regain control of anything during the upcoming elections, however. Most Americans aren't that stupid, contrary to what the NYT thinks.

Mainstream media, and especially those here in America, are the best friends the enemy has. CNN recently even went so far as to display a tape of enemy fighters sniping a number of America soldiers in hit and run operations. This would have been unheard of in an earlier time, when all Americans understood the dangers of such enemies and such actions and what they meant for the future of our nation. Now, anything that makes the Bush administration look bad is fair game.

Of course, the war has been handled poorly in many ways and so is subject to some valid criticism. For one thing, insufficient troops have been used in this effort--there should have been a crushing force used, with all the politically correct bullshit left somewhere else and the goal of total victory employed from the outset. And America returned control of Iraq to an unstable young government much too soon, before there was anything to control.

The only solution at this point is victory. We can't leave with that undone or else we're surrendering our future. Granted, Iraq has proven to be a magnet for radical Islamic maniacs, but that is a good thing. It has brought them to a place where they can be killed, instead of leaving them widely dispersed throughout the world, where they are relatively safe.

The old leftist talk that Iraq has "created terrorists" is simply bullshit. It has simply exposed those who are for what they are.