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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpiao may have reached new limits of daring-do yesterday when he arrested President Barack Obama during a speech in Phoenix. Arpiao took Obama into custody on a charge of "mumb...ling with intent to orate" after someone broke the president's Teleprompter in a the middle of a speech during which Mr. Obama was detailing the blossoming economy.

Robert "Glib" Gibbs, the president's official mouthpiece, said Arpiao's conduct was treasonous and predicted the sheriff would be charged with sedition and either executed or imprisoned for life. Gibbs said Attorney General Eric Holder was trying to determine Arpiao's heritage before filing charges, as his surname ended in a vowel.

"Arpiao is a well-known racist and we have information that his thug deputies were involved in the destruction of President Obama's Teleprompter," said an enraged Gibbs. "We managed to spring the president within about an hour of his detention, but not before he was deeply humiliated by this out-of-control sheriff!"

According to sources who requested anonymity, Mr. Obama was clad in pink boxer shorts when rescued from a tent by members of the Secret Service. He was transported to Walter Reed Hospital for treatment of possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Arpiao was unapologetic following the incident. "This guy can't even prove he's an American citizen," said Arpiao. "If he messes with me, I'll deport his butt to Kenya."

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama reportedly cut short her $750,000 vacation in Europe and was en route to Walter Reed to console her husband. Mrs. Obama and her entourage of 430 friends and relatives departed Madrid shortly after receiving the news.